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Based in Irvine, CA The Quest Group is a portfolio of brands whose core line of business is the design, manufacture and distribution of premium performance audio and video cable products and accessories. Founded in 1980, the company sells its product through a network of over 600 specialty audio/video dealers in the United States and 65 independent distributors around the world.

In addition to its global headquarters in Irvine, California, the company maintains a second logistics facility in the area as well as a European sales and logistics facility in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

AudioQuest™ - With a long reputation for market-leading performance proven by demonstration and reviews alike AudioQuest is well known among audio/video enthusiasts. Inspired by the creative designs of CEO, founder and Chief Designer, William E. Low, the complex designs are all built on a foundation of quality materials and manufacturing processes. High-grade silver and copper, such as Perfect Surface Silver™ (PSS) and Perfect Surface Copper™ (PSC) are derived of special processes developed by the company to minimize the amount of distortion introduced by the cable.

In 2007, a patent was issued by a Bill Low-inspired design call Dielectric Bias System (US Pat #7,126,055). A testimony to Mr. Low’s forward thinking design.


WireLogic™ makes audio/videophile engineering available to the rest of us. Leveraging the three decades of market-leading development from its parent company,  WireLogic’s easy-to-buy cable/accessory kits offer single-purchase solutions that help consumers optimize the experience they will enjoy from their substantial High Definition video and audio investments.

ITC Plug
ITC ™ -  (Instant Tool-less Connector) services the installation market through a network of authorized distributors. ITC is an exclusive distributor of a unique, patented tool-less connector that saves installation professional time and effort while creating a secure, high performance audio/video connection.

WEL Signature Series
WEL Signature Series™ - In addition to innovative AQ technologies like the Dielectric-Bias System, Noise-Dissipation System and the Cold-Weld System, the William E. Low Signature Series components feature the core technology building blocks that have made AudioQuest the performance leader in high performance connectivity for over 28 years.

CleanScreen™ - A safe, effective formula created for the special needs of today’s TV screen and the myriad display surfaces in our lives. By cleaning your Plasma, LCD or Rear Projection Television as well your computer, camera, navigation and other displays, you will enjoy better and longer lasting performance. Available in a 6 ounce spray bottle as well as a convenient 1 ounce travel version, CleanScreen works as a system with an included MicroFiber cloth to help prevent collected dirt from dimming and scratching your displays. Contains deionized water with polymers.

Also great for computer screens, camera lenses, eye glasses and much mores
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